Cover Story

Our Business is Delivery

The Postal Service is an AMAZING organization.

On any given day, today’s Postal Service™…

n Delivers nearly 40 percent of the world’s mail.

n Provides more than 131.2 million physical entry points to our delivery network.

n Is the core of the trillion-dollar mailing industry.

n Has online stamp and retail sales of 223 million dollars.

n Makes deliveries to 150 million residences, businesses, and Post Office™ Boxes.

n And does so at a lower cost than any comparable post in the world.

But what will keep it amazing in an increasingly digital world?

It starts with defining the core need of OUR CUSTOMERS.

Great businesses are great because they define and then focus on satisfying a core customer need. The Postal Service can revitalize its role in a competitive marketplace by sharpening its focus on a core function that our customers value and reward.

So what is the NEED we satisfy?

What is our CORE function that drives our business?

The heart of what we do, ultimately, is delivering.

We connect senders and receivers through the physical delivery of mail and packages.

This concept — that the Postal Service is defined by the function of delivering — is a powerful one. It has a lot of important implications for the way we approach an increasingly digital marketplace, the way we innovate, the way we structure our organization, and the way we shape our future.

We are excellent at DELIVERING.

Our delivery network is the most efficient in the world. It is a vital platform for America’s commerce and for the mailing industry.

The more we improve our platform, the better we meet a core need of every American business and residence: to have access to a delivery network that is reliable, secure, convenient, and affordable — and we want it to be known as the best in the world.

And so, as we shape the future of the organization, it starts with our network and the function of delivering.

Our brand will be shaped by the concept of Delivering.

Our brand is ultimately reflected in the experiences that people have with us. We want customers to have positive expe­riences with us, to associate positive attributes to us, and to feel that the Postal Service is their best option to meet their core needs for either sending or receiving content.