Pre-order 2012 Denominated Stamps Now

During 2011, all First-Class Mail® 1-ounce letter stamps were issued as Forever® stamps priced at 44 cents. Because the Forever stamps are not denominated, the stamps will be revalued at 45 cents and do not need to be replaced for the price changes effective January 22, 2012.

There was no change in the additional ounce price; therefore, 20-cent stamps do not need to be replaced. Fur­ther, all denominations needed can be achieved through combinations of stamps in current inventories.

Six types of stamps continue to be denominated, and these stamps will need to be pre-ordered for the price changes. Because the Postal Regulatory Commission issued its decision on the price changes during Thanksgiving week, availability of the new denominated stamps will not be univer­sal as of January 22. The printers are working as quickly as possible, and many of the stamps will arrive at Stamp Distri­bution Centers (SDCs) by mid-January. There will be no auto­matic distribution of the new denominated stamps, and Post Offices™ will need to place orders to receive their stamp ship­ments. Pre-orders can be made now.

The six categories of denominated stamps and their earliest availability at SDCs to process are listed in the fol­lowing table. In some instance, the dates will vary by SDC dependent on transportation arrangements and distances from the supplier to the servicing SDC.


Denominated Stamp Category

Date of Earliest Availability at SDCs

32-cent Sailboat Postal Card Stamp

Item 221400: Single Stamped Card

Item 224200: Double Reply Card

Item 224300: Stamped Card Sheet

January 9, 2012

65-cent Dogs at Work Stamp (2 ounces) Item 115300

January 10, 2012

85-cent Birds of Prey Stamp (3 ounces) Item 115200

January 10, 2012

65-cent Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly Surcharge Stamp

Item 114800

January 10, 2012

$1.05 Lancaster County International Rate Stamp

January 14, 2012

45-cent Weather Vanes Stamp
Item 789000: Coil of 3,000
Item 788900: Coil of 10,000

January 14, 2012

Keep in mind that these are the earliest availability dates and national distribution will take some time. Large pur­chasers of stamps should be directed to the StampsNow program at 800-STAMP-24 (800-782-6724) or 816-545-1282 or by e-mailing for addi­tional information and expedited direct fulfillment.