New Field Finance Request Forms

In order to better facilitate the process of finance number (FN) changes from the field, the Revenue and Field Accounting (RAFA) group is updating the forms that will be submitted to Headquarters (HQ). We are not changing the process of sub­mitting requests. (They will still be approved by the district manager and area vice president prior to sending them to HQ’s mailbox “FNCM — HQ.”) The forms have been updated with the correct titles and departments. All prior editions of these forms are obsolete. The form you will use for new field FN requests is PS Form 8A, Request for a New Field Finance Number (see pages 3536). The form you will use for changes and deletes of FNs will be PS Form 8B, Request to Modify or Discon­tinue a Field Finance Number (see page 37).

These new forms are for changes to six-digit FNs and do not apply to postal retail unit changes. Those changes are still handled at the local level for now.

The process for requesting new FNs is as follows:

1. Send approved requests with justification from the district manager and signed by the area vice president to RAFA.

2. Submit all requests (Forms 8A and 8B) to the manager, RAFA at HQ via e-mail to “FNCM – HQ”, unless mailing. If Ac­counting concurs, the requests will be forwarded to the COO for final approval.

Newly approved FNs become effective on the first day of the month, dependent upon lead-time provided. This is also conditional upon the following:

n Complete documentation is provided.

n No further feedback has been received from any other functional groups at HQ.

n Any concerns that may have been raised have been resolved.

The exact path (URL) for these forms are as follows:



We will incorporate these revisions into the new online FNCM Field User’s Guide (tentatively named Handbook F-800), which will be available on the Postal Service™ Intranet.

PS Form 8A, Request for a New Field Finance Number page 1Form 8a_1

PS Form 8A, Request for a New Field Finance Number page 2PS form 8a_2

PS Form 8B, Request to Modify or Discontinue a Field Finance NumberPS Form 8b