Order Go Green Stamps for Earth Day

As part of the Postal Service’s efforts to support Earth Day, postmasters are encouraged to order the Go Green Forever® stamps. The Go Green Forever stamps give each of our customers the opportunity to put their stamp on a “greener tomorrow.” See pages 46 for Go Green Earth Day celebration ideas that each postmaster is encouraged to host.

To support these celebrations, as well as to meet our customers’ interest in celebrating Earth Day, Go Green For­ever stamps and other Go Green philatelic items should be available for purchase during the 2-week period from April 15 to April 29.

If you do not currently have them in your inventory, and/or to ensure you have the Go Green Forever stamps on hand for the celebration of Earth Day, order item #467000. You may order these stamps with your regularly scheduled orders to ensure you receive them in time for April 15 counter sales. If your ordering week has passed, or if it falls after April 6, you may place an emergency order to receive the Go Green Forever stamps. Find ordering instructions, schedules, and important information on the Stamp Distri­bution Center webpage at http://blue.usps.gov/purchase/assetmgnt/am_sdchome.htm.

Help celebrate Earth Day with our Go Green Forever stamps!