Mail Transport Equipment

One of our most important assets, mail transport equipment (MTE), is being used for pur­poses other than its intended mission: holding the mail.

MTE is not a storage unit. Old paper boxes can replace most of the flat tubs used to store records and supplies.

MTE is not a trash can. Hampers and flat tubs should remain available for the mail. Dispose of waste correctly the first time.

MTE is not a dolly. Loading rolling stock with heavy items damages the rolling stock and takes it out of circulation for the mail.

MTE is not a chair. The weight of an average person will destroy the sides of flat tubs.

MTE is not an elevator. Use cardboard paper boxes to elevate the bottom of plastic ham­pers instead of plastic trays or flat tubs.

MTE is not a parts cart. Put excess parts back in their storage areas when not needed for the job, or use approved containers to transport parts.

and most importantly…

MTE is not disposable. We will spend more than $100,000,000 this year (FY12) to replace all of our missing and damaged MTE.

The average cost of MTE is much more than you may think:

Flat Tubs = $5.00

Plastic Pallets = $20.00

Presswood Pallets = $8.00

Wood Slat Pallets = $7.00

Although there may appear to be an unlimited supply of wood pallets, we need every single one of them. Never trash or recycle any pallets locally. Send good and bad pallets back to the MTESC.

All letter trays, flat tubs, sacks, and tray sleeves must also be sent to the MTESC. Never trash or recycle trays, tubs, sacks, or sleeves locally.

Keep MTE alive and flowing! MTE is needed at every level of our organization and by our mail­ers. MTE must not be recycled locally.

Please post on employee bulletin boards.

DID YOU KNOW? You can call the Mail Transport Equipment Recovery hotline (866-330-3404) if you see MTE outside the postal network.