Automated Retreat Rights on eJob Bidding

In support of our Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency (DRIVE) initiatives, USPS® has developed another online application designed to reduce the existing field Human Resources (HR) workload and improve self-service options for our employees. On June 1, the Auto­mated Retreat Rights Application will be ready for national implementation — just in time for the consolidation efforts of mail processing operations, which may increase instances of employees being involuntarily assigned.

Employees can click eJob Bidding in the Employee Apps — Quick Links, then the Retreat Rights link on Lite­Blue at Available 24/7, eJob Bid­ding is the quickest and most reliable method for involuntarily reassigned employees to accept, track, and manage their retreat rights. (Employees will need their 8-digit Employee ID (EID) and USPS PIN to log into the sys­tem.)

Clerks, city letter carriers, and mail handlers should use eJob Bidding to accept retreat rights regardless of whether they work at a manual or automated bid site. Any of these excessed employees can accept retreat rights using eJob Bidding. When retreat rights are accepted, they will be eli­gible for retreat rights to the first eligible vacancy in their former installation.

One of the main features of this new technology allows employees who have been excessed from automated bid clusters the capability of submitting preferences/bids for eligible postings at their former installation.

Employees excessed from manual bid sites should con­tinue to follow their local policies and procedures for sub­mitting their preferences/bids back to their former bid clusters.

For more information about Automated Retreat Rights, click eJob Bidding in the Enployee Apps — Quick Links, then Retreat Rights on LiteBlue (, or click Retreat Rights under “FAQs” on the Workforce Connection website at