Every Door Direct Mail — A Win-Win for You and Your Customers

As small businesses continue to witness its effective­ness, Every Door Direct Mail® proves to be a win-win for customers and the U.S. Postal Service®. It’s an easy-to-use and affordable direct mail service that helps small busi­nesses better prospect locally to new customers, removing the need for names or addresses. With over 97 million pieces of Every Door Direct Mail produced since the ser­vice began, businesses are seeing big results!

Postmasters are encouraged to build upon this momen­tum and use Grow Your Business Days (GYBD) as an opportunity to show customers the benefits of reaching every home, every address, every time. By eliminating the need to purchase address lists and reducing mail prepara­tion time, Every Door Direct Mail is proven to lower mailers’ costs and, consequently, allow mailers to reach a greater number of existing and prospective customers.

Every Door Direct Mail equips small and mid-size busi­nesses with the marketing power necessary to gain a com­petitive edge. These efforts show businesses that the Postal Service™ continues to invent innovative mail solu­tions. And more importantly, the events will demonstrate that Every Door Direct Mail is a highly effective, easy-to-use business tool designed to support increased revenue.

By helping businesses learn new strategies and adapt best practices, GYBD events continue to strengthen the customer experience and improve business-to-consumer channels. Attendees should leave the event convinced that direct mail will help their businesses grow and committed to making Every Door Direct Mail a key strategy in reaching target markets and new customers.

This quarter, you have more support than ever before. With last quarter’s national television ads featuring Al, our letter carrier, and the two national direct mail campaigns targeting small businesses, Every Door Direct Mail is sure to be a continued success!

Please take full advantage of the materials enclosed in this kit to support your promotion efforts.

Included in this kit are elements that can be used to con­duct and promote an event:

n Corporate Communications managers listing for assistance with event publicity.

n GYBD event tips, talking points, and key messages.

n Sample media advisory (for distribution no later than 3 days prior).

n Sample news release.

n Sample audio news release.