Cover Story

Stay Alert! School’s in Session

During the month of August, many children will begin a new school year. They’ll be walking to and from school — and waiting for, entering, and exiting school buses. This means there will be many more pedestrians on sidewalks and on the roads.

The United States Postal Service® makes every effort to promote safe neighborhoods for all Americans. We encour­age all of our drivers to use safe driving practices to avoid accidents involving pedestrians.

Here are some tips to reduce the likelihood of an acci­dent:

n Obey the speed limits.

n Stop for a school bus that has red flashing lights and an extended stop arm.

n Watch for children playing near bus stops. They may dart into the street without looking.

n Watch for children walking (especially where there are no sidewalks) or biking to school.

n When driving in neighborhoods and school zones, watch for young people who are in a hurry to get to school and may not cross the street safely.

It only takes one second for an accident to occur.

Be alert and be aware of your surroundings to keep our kids safe!