Migratory Bird Stamp Destruction

Per Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures, all retail associates were required to return unsold migratory bird stamps to the unit reserve before April 30, 2012, and then all unit reserve stock custodians were required to ship unsold migratory bird stamps to the stamp distribution centers (SDCs) for receipt.

This article is a reminder for any units that have not returned the 2011 issue migratory bird stamps to do so in the next return cycle.

n All postal retail units are required to return unsold migratory bird stamps annually. Only philatelic units may maintain inventories of prior-year bird stamps for sale to collectors. Stamp distribution offices (SDOs) and SDCs must establish and communicate a sched­ule for postal retail units to submit all unsold migra­tory bird stamps for destruction based on the dates previously mentioned and on the following require­ments: Use PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition/Stamp Return, to return all unsold migratory bird stamps. Prepare an original and three copies and annotate “Returned for Destruction” and “Bird Stamps” on PS Form 17.

n List the bird stamps on the PS Form 17 by item num­ber, quantity, redemption rate, and total dollar value.

n Enter the total value of the returned bird stamps in AIC 848 on the unit’s PS Form 1412, Daily Financial Report, on the date of dispatch to SDO/SDC.

n Enter the system-generated shipment number on PS Form 17.

n Ship unsold bird stamps along with the original and two copies of PS Form 17 to the SDO/SDC. Place the original PS Form 17 in a sealed envelope and tape it to the outside of the carton clearly marked as “Bird Stamps.” Place two copies inside the carton and file the third copy locally.

n Do not commingle international reply coupons, redeemed stock, or saleable stock with migratory bird stamps returned for destruction.

See Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures, part 11-6.7 at for additional information about migratory bird hunting and conservation stamps.