Stop Sending Copies of PS Form 8176, Premium Forwarding Service Application, to Headquarters

Offices are no longer required to send a copy of PS Form 8176, Premium Forwarding Service® (PFS®) Application, to Headquarters (HQ). In 2005, the application was a four-part form and “Distribution: Copy 3 — HQ” was sent to Headquarters. The form has been revised multiple times and “Distribution: Copy 3 — HQ” has not been a part of the application for several years, but we continue to get copies of the application. Many offices continue to use the 2005 or 2006 edition of the form, and others are making copies of “Distribution: Copy 1 — Post Office” and sending it to HQ.

Please use the most current, January 2011, edition of the form. It has a new format and the Terms and Condi­tions have been updated. You can order the current edition of the form from the Material Distribution Center and use touch-tone order entry (TTOE). Call 800-273-1509.

Note: You must be registered to use TTOE. To register, call 800-332-0317, option 1, extension 2925, and follow the prompts to leave a message. (Wait 48 hours after register­ing before placing your first order.)

Use the following information to order PS Form 8176:

PSIN: PS8176

PSN: 7530-07-000-6197

Unit of Measure: EA

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Maximum Order Quantity: 1000

Bulk Pack Quantity: 1000

Quick Pick Number: 640

Price: $0.0712

Edition Date: 01/11

See Publication 621, PFS Guidebook for Employees, for PFS rules. You can access Publication 621 online at