Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, News

What’s New?

As of July 1, 2012, any old copies of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, must be recycled. The new July–September 2012 issue of Mover’s Guide has been shipped to all Post Offices. Similar to last quarter’s shipment, the total quantity of Mover’s Guide copies sent to your facility may have been reduced. In an effort to reduce waste and account for more customers submitting change-of-address orders online, fewer Mover’s Guide copies are needed. There are several things you can do to conserve as well:

n Make sure customers are aware that® is the most convenient, safe, and secure way for cus­tomers to submit a change-of-address order.

n Encourage carriers to carry ICOA message cards on their routes instead of Mover’s Guide copies.

n Give Mover’s Guide copies out to moving customers only.

Important Reminders

n Copies of Mover’s Guide must be kept behind the counter ONLY, not in inner or outer lobbies or on clerk counters.

n Customers unwilling or unable to submit their change of address at should be given a com­plete, unopened copy of Mover’s Guide.

n Provide no more than three copies of Mover’s Guide to each customer.

n Mover’s Guides are printed and distributed four times a year.

Shipment Information and Inventory Management

Offices will continue to receive copies of Mover’s Guide in one or two shipments. The first shipments should have arrived at the end of June, and the second shipments 3 to 5 weeks later. Boxes with pink stickers are the first ship­ment for this print run. Boxes with green stickers are the second and final shipment for this print run.

To track or find your office’s shipment information, go to and click Mover’s Guide (Pub 75) Distribution for July September 2012. Use the CTRL+ F Function while the “Fedstrip” Column is highlighted to search for your office.

To request a shipment quantity change, call Imagitas at 800-816-6837.

ICOA Message Card Information

If your Post Office™ has an ICOA message card display, replenishment cards and updated banners will be mailed with your Mover’s Guide shipments. Do not throw the dis­play away. The display is required to be in the lobby and expected to have the ICOA message cards in it at all times.

If any Post Office runs out of ICOA message cards between shipments, use the website at
or call
800-816-6837 for replenishment.