Promotional Ideas 2012

Promoting the holidays and our products and services can be done in any Post Office lobby, and it’s a great way to show our customers and the community it’s the best time of year for the Postal Service. Here are a few promo­tional ideas that you could easily deliver:

Post-it Party Host a holiday promotional event in the lobby or other postal facility to demonstrate packing and mailing tips and invite local media to attend. Let your back-drop consist of a display of shipping products, including Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, ReadyPost holiday products, and gift items for retail sale. Demonstrate just how much can fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box by packing one with some Letters to Santa gift items to create a great photo opportunity. Be sure to have the holiday fact sheets on hand, which can be viewed at and printed from

Demo Display — Deliver holiday solutions to the com­munity by hosting a “How to Holiday the U.S. Postal Ser­vice Way” free seminar at a local library, community center, or senior center. Walk attendees through some mailing and shipping best practices, targeting all the ways to Flat Rate. Display the new Santa and Sleigh Forever stamps and the other holiday stamps available to celebrate the season and be sure to have them available for sale. Demonstrate how to send military mail and promote Express Mail service for last-minute gifts. Always hand out a folder with the holiday news releases, shipping products, holiday mailing tips, international products, holiday fact sheets, 2012 Postal Facts, and, for a personal touch, a Hallmark greeting card signed by the local postmaster. Contact your communica­tions program specialist to maximize local media attention.

Stage Theatrics — Never underestimate the media draw of the costumed characters. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a team of postal elves can host a lobby event and give infor­mation on holiday mailing deadlines and packaging tips, show customers how to use the Self-Service Shipping and Mailing Center for their holiday mailings, and if an Internet connection and computer are available, show customers how to wrap up the holidays from home by creating ship­ping labels with postage using Click-N-Ship service on Serve hot chocolate and holiday cookies for an added warm and fuzzy touch.

Reality Shipping Here is a story that’s sure to get some news media coverage: “the great package race.” Here is how it works: Invite a consumer reporter to fit as much as he or she can into two Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and address both boxes to the same address. Have the reporter mail one package at a Post Office and the other using the convenience of Click-N-Ship and free Package Pickup on Be sure to point out to the reporter how much time and money was saved by going online to The reporter can then do a news story on when the packages arrive.

Salute the Military — Postmasters can send letters promoting a $2 military discount for Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes being sent to APO/FPO addresses, Military Care Kits, and military shipping dates to editors of military asso­ciation newsletters/public affairs officials at local military bases, media (focus on consumer reporters), veterans associations, United Services Organization, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, U.S. Navy League, Marine Corps League, U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, local military installations/bases, Federal Executive Boards, etc.

More for Military — Order Military Care Kits to use as display samples for lobby demonstrations. Demonstrate how many holiday gifts can fit in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. Promote “If it fits, it ships,” the care kits, and the $2 military discount.

Holiday Writing Party — Invite elementary/junior high students, high school ROTC, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, and other community groups to create cards and letters to ship to service men and women overseas. Create a media event; be sure to ask your communications program spe­cialist for assistance. The students or other participants stuff all items into individual Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes in the lobby and ship as a group at the retail counter.

In-Person Interview — Wherever possible, have reporters interview APO/FPO military personnel who can share how important it is to receive mail when stationed overseas and away from home, particularly during the hol­iday season. Create a “goody box” of promotional materi­als in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box to give to each reporter. The box could include all news releases relative to shipping military mail, holiday mailing tips, international products, holiday fact sheets, 2012 Postal Facts, and a holiday card addressed to the media thanking them for all the positive coverage throughout the year. Corporate Communications can help supply the informational materials.

Eye Candy — Visuals attract attention. Stack Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes into the shape of a holiday tree or on a table in the lobby for a photo opportunity. If possible, have several students carry the boxes to a designated sales and service associate for mailing. Invite representa­tives from local veterans associations and ask them to talk about the importance of receiving mail when stationed overseas during the holidays. Local cable television sta­tions will usually come out for an in-lobby demo and inter­view such as this.

Easy to Do Ensure you have plenty of Priority Mail boxes available and that your retail product line is config­ured as outlined in the Planogram. Light refreshments are appreciated at all times and you can always raffle off a sheet of holiday stamps, or one of the numerous retail products we are offering this holiday season. Be in the lobby to meet and greet what better time of year to let your customers know you care.