POM Revision: Dead Mail and Mail Recovery Center Updated Procedures

Effective December 13, 2012, the Postal Operations Manual, is revised to clarify processes and procedures at the Mail Recovery Center.

Postal Operations Manual (POM)

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6 Delivery Services

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69 Dead Mail

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691 General

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691.5 Disposal

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[Revise 691.592 and 691.593 to read as follows:]

691.592 Makeup

Make up the mail as follows:

a. Depending on the quantity of mail, either neatly place dead letter mail in trays (half or full) or bundle mail and place it in an envelope or other shipping container.

b. Place dead parcels in rolling containers (80 lb. hamper, etc.).

c. Never place mail not intended for MRC in letter bundles, trays, sacks, or containers addressed or labeled to the Mail Recovery Center.

691.593 Labeling and Addressing for Dispatch

Address and label the mail for dispatch as follows:

a. Address dead letter mail as: Mail Recovery Center, ATLANTA, GA 30378-2400.

b. Address dead parcel mail as: Mail Recovery Center, ATLANTA, GA 30378-2400.

c. Label all containers used for shipping (e.g., hampers, APCs, and BMCs). Label to include MRC address and shipping office.

d. Where available, use preprinted central markup labels to forward mail to MRCs. Put the label on the top letter of the bundle, next to but not covering the original address. Affix a blue Label F, All for Firm, in the lower left corner of the top letter.

e. When preprinted central markup labels are not available, use a blank sheet of paper to make a facing slip for letter bundles.

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[Revise the title and text of 691.595 to read as follows]

691.595 MRC Search

When employees are inquiring about letters, flats, or parcels valued at $25 or more on behalf of the customer, send an email to: MRC Search. A MRC Search form will be returned to the sender (employee) via email. The employee completes the MRC Search form and returns it via email to: MRC Search.

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692 Mail Recovery Centers

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692.12 Opening Letters

[Revise 692.12 to read as follows:]

The MRC opens dead letters to find the name and address of the addressee or sender and to deliver or return that person’s property. If the sender or addressee cannot be identified, observe the following holding periods:

a. Letters with enclosures of value ($25 or more): 3 months.

b. Other letters: none.

* * * * * 

692.14 Opening Parcels

[Revise 692.14 to read as follows:]

The MRC opens dead parcels to find the name and address of the addressee or sender and to deliver or return that person’s property. If parcels are endorsed to show that they are Postal Service property, or that the sender has refused to pay postage due on return as undelivered, the parcels are Postal Service property. Dispose of the parcels as follows:

a. Return a dead parcel to the sender. Deliver it to the addressee if only the addressee’s name and address are found. Rate the parcel for postage due at the zone rate from the MRC.

b. If the sender or the addressee cannot be determined, hold the following for 30 days from receipt at the MRC: Priority Mail (flats or parcels), Standard Mail, and Package Services mail containing valuables. Hold the following for 60 days from receipt at the MRC: Insured and Registered parcels. Hold the following for 60 days from receipt at the MRC: First-Class Mail not in the form of a letter addressed to another country; if item is posted in violation of law or treaty, hold for 6 months. (See IMM Individual Country Listing Prohibitions.)

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[Revise the title and text of 692.2 to read as follows:]

692.2 Postal Inspection or Office of Inspector General Use

Withdraw items, other than the contents of mail sealed against inspection, from the MRC only for official use by postal inspectors or the Office of Inspector General (OIG). The Inspectors or OIG must give memorandum receipts for the articles withdrawn. Keep these receipts on file in the MRC and return them when the goods are returned for disposal as dead parcels.

692.3 Postal Service Systems and Training Use

[Revise 692.3 to read as follows:]

The following restrictions apply to the use of Standard Mail:

a. General. Only undeliverable Standard Mail may be used for developing and testing Postal Service equipment and systems or for training Postal Service employees, under 692.3b and 692.3c. Obtain authorization from the Business Mail Entry manager.

b. Submitting Requests. Submit requests for authorization in writing and with all of the following:

1. The purpose of testing or training and use of the mail.

2. The type of undeliverable mail and volume required.

3. The period during which required.

4. The proposed source and arrangements for delivery of the mail to the contractor or Postal Service employee conducting the equipment test.

5. The security of mail during the training or testing period.

6. The arrangements for mail disposal after testing or training.

c. Information on Outside Cover. The name and address and other information on the outside cover of undeliverable mail must be kept confidential. Also confidential is any information about the contents of mail to the extent that such information may be associated with a customer (see ASM 274). A private contractor or Postal Service employee performing testing or training may not use the mail to permit any such confidential postal information to be disseminated or disclosed to anyone. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, photographic or other reproductions or copies of the actual wording. The mail (and reproductions or copies of the information on its cover) may be used in testing or training but not in reports or other material that can be disseminated outside the Postal Service.

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We will incorporate this revision into the next printed version of the POM and also into the online version available on the Postal Service PolicyNet website:

n Go to http://blue.usps.gov.

n In the left-hand column under “Essential Links”, click PolicyNet.

n Click Manuals.

(The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is http://blue.usps.gov/cpim.)

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