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Second Quarter Voice of the Employee Surveys are Coming Soon

Every quarter, 25 percent of the career employee population is randomly selected to express their opinions about the work environment by completing a confidential VOE survey. The VOE is the United States Postal Service’s™ measure of employee engagement.

Employee engagement is the extent to which people enjoy and believe in what they do, and feel valued for doing it. Having a positive attitude toward the organization and its values influences employees to invest discretionary effort to help the organization succeed. High levels of engagement lead to positive organizational outcomes such as customer satisfaction, productivity, safety, and retention.

Employees are most engaged when they have the right tools, training, teamwork, information, and leadership to do their job. Engaged employees know how their work impacts the success of the Postal Service, and they are motivated to achieve results.

To help employees feel more engaged, we encourage managers and supervisors to do the following:

n Keep employees apprised of what is going on in their installation as well as the entire organization.

n Listen to employees’ ideas for making improvements.

n Give them individual feedback about how they are performing and coach them to be the best they can be.

n Give them opportunities to develop and grow professionally.

n Watch your VOE scores each quarter to see how you’re doing, and ask your employees how you can do better.

For more information, you can access the VOE website from the Human Resources web page on Blue at There you can find the most recent survey results, tips for working with your results, articles on employee engagement, and more.

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