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Bankruptcy — Suppliers and Customers

When a supplier or customer declares bankruptcy, the right of the Postal Service™ to take action is limited and time sensitive. Protecting Postal Service financial interests by acting promptly when notified of a supplier's bankruptcy is important. Immediately forward any notice of bankruptcy to the applicable area managing counsel. Thereafter, promptly follow up with any known debts.

Area Managing Counsels

CAP Metro Area Managing Counsel

8200 Corporate Drive
Landover, MD 20785-2200

Telephone: 301-955-0700

Fax: 301-955-0701

Eastern Area Managing Counsel

3190 South 70th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19153-3244

Telephone: 215-351-3850

Fax: 215-351-3851/3852

Great Lakes Area Managing Counsel

433 W. Harrison Street, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60699-7000

Telephone: 312-669-5900

Fax: 312-669-5981

Northeast Area Managing Counsel

8 Griffin Road North, Suite 101
Windsor, CT 06095-1586

Telephone: 860-285-7090

Fax: 860-285-7397

Pacific Area Managing Counsel

11255 Rancho Carmel Drive, Room 2163
San Diego, CA 92197-4400

Telephone: 858-674-2738

Fax: 858-674-0610/0616

Southern Area Managing Counsel

P.O. Box 227078
Dallas, TX 75222-7078

Telephone: 214-252-6100

Fax: 214-252-6170

Western Area Managing Counsel

P.O. Box 3686
Seattle, WA 98124-3686

Telephone: 303-313-5560

Fax: 303-313-5561