New Federal Recycling Program for Postal Service Employees’ eWaste

The U.S. Postal Service® has launched an exciting new program to assist federal agencies to recycle electronic waste on a national level. The USPS® Federal Recycling Program allows the customer agencies and their employees to repurpose and recycle qualified end-of-life products free of charge. Most federal agencies have some type of recycling program in place but usually serve only the largest facilities or the headquarters location, and require a truck pick-up. The USPS Federal Recycling Program provides every federal agency with an opportunity to recycle at every location, no matter how large or small, using USPS as the carrier.

The USPS Federal Recycling Program is divided into two categories:

n A recycling program for federal agencies on a national level for official equipment, such as ink jet and toner cartridges, and small electronics shipped via USPS from a government location.

n A recycling program for federal agencies’ employees on a national level for disposal of their personal property, such as ink jet and toner cartridges, and small electronics shipped via USPS from the employee’s home.

Did You Know?

The US Postal Service is uniquely positioned to touch every consumer, business, and government agency through over 150 million mailboxes nationally. While this new program provides recycling and financial benefits to all employees of the federal government, this service talk focuses on its benefits to USPS employees.

What Does the USPS Federal Recycling Program Mean to the Postal Service?

In 2012, the Postal Service adopted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Green Challenge with the objective of recycling 50 percent of all our solid waste by the year 2015. We know this goal is achievable because, thanks to you, we recycled 48 percent of our solid waste in FY 2012. Coincidentally, electronic waste represents 2 percent of the total waste stream in America and nearly that same amount within the Postal Service. If we can recycle all of our electronic waste by FY 2015, we can meet our Federal Green Challenge goal and, more importantly, divert these wastes from landfills. The Postal Service has an effective internal program to recycle company electronic property.

The Federal Recycling Program provides postal employees with a convenient way to recycle inkjet/toner cartridges; they may even earn cash back for used cell phones, tablets, and iPods. These transactions are included in the USPS eWaste recycling performance reports.

What Can You Do?

n Don’t trash your personal electronics — electronic waste must be recycled.

n Log in to as a USPS employee to recycle your eWaste.

What Should Employees Know?

n How does the recycling program work?

To recycle your personal eWaste. go to the website, input your data, print a label, and mail in your items.

n What products can I recycle?

You can recycle ink jet and toner cartridges, and small electronics, such as cell phones, computers, game systems, etc.

n Who qualifies?

Any federal agency employee who wishes to recycle their personal eWaste qualifies for this service.

n Who do I contact for more information?

Call 202-268-6300 or email:

n Does this replace my existing recycling program?

No. This program is designed to supplement the existing USPS eWaste recycling program managed through the Topeka Material Distribution Center by helping employees recycle their personal eWaste — not their government-owned eWaste.

n Why should I participate?

As a responsible citizen, we all should participate in programs that help our environment. Throwing cell phones and other electronics in the trash not only is a waste of resources, but it releases toxic metals into the environment. You may even get paid for more recent model cell phones if you choose to recycle — why throw away money?

n How much does it cost?

The USPS Federal Recycling Program is free. There is no charge to participate, no charge to access the web-based program, and no cost to send back your qualified recyclable items.

n Are packing materials provided?

No. We recommend you reuse existing boxes and envelopes.

n Does the Postal Service participate in this program?

Yes, the Postal Service participates. To learn more, contact us at 202-268-6300 or via email at

n Is the program specific to designated recycling locations?

No. The preprinted label automatically prints the correct recycling location for that specific recyclable product.

Your Efforts Count.

If each Postal Service employee recycled all his or her personal eWaste, we could reduce solid waste by more than 5.4 million pounds a year. The typical American household owns almost 10 pounds of electronic waste that’s ready to be recycled.

Where Can You Find Additional Information?

n To learn more, go to the sustainability website:

n To find a local eCycling center in your area, visit