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PO Boxes — Leading the Way

In January 2012, the Postal Service transferred 5.9 million PO Boxes™ from the market dominant category to the competitive products category. These PO Boxes are in approximately 6,800 metro and suburban locations (see Postal Bulletin 22328, 1-12-12, pages 13-31, for a list of ZIP Codes™) where competitive alternatives are readily available. This allows the Postal Service™ the opportunity to finally provide the enhanced services that PO Box customers have requested in the past. Current PO Box enhancements include the following:

n Real Mail Notification™ service — customers receive an email or text message to inform them when they have new mail in their PO Box (see below):



Good Morning

You will have new mail at your PO Box™ today at your regularly scheduled time!

Please do not reply to this automated message.

United States Postal Service logo

n Signature on File service — simplifies receipt of Priority Mail Express®, Insured Mail over $200, and Signature Confirmation, which all may include an Electronic Return Receipt.

n Street Addressing service — customers have the option to use the street address of their Post Office™ location for their mailing address, along with the box number. This address gives customers the opportunity to receive packages through private carriers:

John Smith
123 Main Street #4567
Any town, NY 10001

n “Baker’s Dozen” promotion for new customers — 13 months of service for a 12-month PO Box payment.

n No key deposit required for the first two keys for new customers.

n Expanded and earlier lobby access at select offices.

As always, PO Boxes offer a great value that’s private, secure, and affordable; and now, they offer enhanced services at many locations. Customers can pick up mail at their convenience, which allows more control over their professional and personal correspondence. Also, in many locations, packages too large for the PO Box can be picked up from a parcel locker.

PO Box service is truly a win-win proposition for the Postal Service and its customers.