PS Form 8170 Reminder: Reporting Procedure for Freedom of Information Act Requests

Postmasters, district managers, vice presidents, and other records custodians (see Handbook AS-353, Guide to Privacy, the Freedom of Information Act, and Records Management, chapters 4-8) must complete PS Form 8170, Freedom of Information Act Request Report, for each request processed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The collection and reporting of this information is required by the FOIA statute.

When PS Form 8170 Must be Submitted

Any outstanding reports for requests processed during fiscal year 2013 should be completed and submitted by October 31, 2013.


Do not complete PS Form 8170 for any of the following:

n Requests for change of address or PO Box information from process servers or government agencies under AS-353 5-2d.

n Requests from federal agencies for any type of information.

n Requests from a union, unless the request cites the FOIA.

Where to Send PS Form 8170

n Field offices submit reports to the area or district Consumer & Industry Contact Managers (C&IC), who serve as FOIA coordinators.

n District/Area FOIA coordinators submit reports to:

USPS FOIA Requester Service Center — Field
St Louis General Law Service Center
1720 Market Street, Rm 2400
St Louis, MO 63199-9948

n Reports may be sent via facsimile to 650-578-4956 or email to

n Headquarters and headquarters field units submit reports to their assigned FOIA coordinators.

n Headquarters and headquarters field unit FOIA coordinators submit reports to:

Manager, Records Office
USPS FOIA Requester Service Center
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Rm 9431
Washington, DC 20260

n Reports may be sent via facsimile to 202-268-5353 or email to

Coordinators are responsible for verifying completion and accuracy of forms before submitting them to the FOIA Requester Service Centers.

PS Form 8170 Availability

The PDF version of PS Form 8170 can be found on the Forms Management, Policies and Procedures Information page at and the LiveCycle version can be found at


For questions concerning this requirement, contact the C&IC in your district or area, Records Office staff at
202-268-2608, or St. Louis RSC staff at 314-345-5894.