Human Resources

New Nonbargaining Selection Methods Course

Effective immediately, the current four hour Personnel Selection Methods course required for Selecting Officials and Review committee members is obsolete and has been replaced by the new Nonbargaining Selection Methods course. The new course focuses on postal selection policies, posting positions in eCareer, establishing review committees, and procedures for assessing applicants, both internal and external.

Postal Service™ employees participating in the hiring process as Selecting Officials or Review Committee members are now required to complete two training courses prior to evaluating candidates (approximately one hour each):

n Nonbargaining Selection Methods Training, course #10022345.

n Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Behavioral Interview Techniques, course #36235-86.

Both courses are available as a package in the Learning Management System (LMS) by enrolling in course number 10701. The courses can be completed in any order and the trainees will receive credit upon completion. Together, the two training courses provide a comprehensive overview of:

n Nonbargaining selection processes, both internal and external.

n Roles and responsibilities of Review Committee members and Selecting Officials.

n Procedures for assessing candidates.

n Planning and conducting effective interviews.

n Making the selection.

Review Committee members and Selecting Officials can access these courses in the LMS on the Postal Service Intranet:

n Go to

n Under “Essential Links” in the left-hand column, click Learning Management System.

n On the LMS page, log in with your ACE identification number and password.

n Click on the Learning Portal box and enter the course number or the course name in the Search Term field.