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Mail Transport Equipment: Keep it Clean and Lean

Manage your Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) more effectively by organizing staging areas and keeping only what is needed to support mail processing operations and local customers. Storing excess MTE is costly as it wastes space and inflates the need for new purchases.

Properly palletized MTE ensures we provide a quality product to our customers as well as accurate inventory and better equipment management at Postal Service™ facilities. Keeping your MTE inventory Clean and Lean also provides significant transportation and equipment savings — replacing missing or misused MTE hurts the Postal Service’s bottom line. USPS® will spend more than $98 million this fiscal year to replace missing and damaged MTE.

USPS encourages employees to report MTE that’s being misused, stored unnecessarily, or located outside the postal network. Send leads and tips to or call the MTE hotline at 866-330-3404.