Information Security

Information Security Awareness

The technology that you use at work is primarily for the authorized business of the Postal Service™. It is there to help you do your job.

Limited personal use of desktop and laptop computers, email, and the Internet is permitted. But to protect yourself and the Postal Service, you should consult the acceptable use policy and discuss this use with your supervisor/manager. A clear understanding of the limitations on this privilege can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

All managers must continually strive to incorporate information security into training courses, service talks, internal newsletters, posters, case studies, and other tools and visual aids to increase information security awareness among all personnel. Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) training courses and materials include:

n USPS Handbook 805-C Information Security for General Users

n USPS Course #10014890 Managing email at Work and at Home

n USPS Course #10015154 Telecommunicating Program

n USPS Course #10021144 Information Security, Our Shared Responsibility.

n USPS Course #15Q01 Respect & Protect, Collecting and Safeguarding Personal Information.

For additional information, please refer to Handbook, AS-805, Information Security, Section 6.