Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates


DMM Revision: Domestic Mail Manual Streamlining

Effective October 6, 2014, the Postal Service™ will revise Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) sections 604 and 608, as we continue our initiative to reduce the size of the DMM without changes to standards to make it quicker, easier, and more convenient.

Section 604, Postage Payment Methods, will be renamed Postage Payment Methods and Refunds. Section 604.1.0 will be revised to remove the table of postage stamp denominations which will then be placed in Notice 123. Section 604.5.0, Permit Imprint (Indicia), and Exhibit 604.5.3.11, Indicia Formats for Official Mail and Other Classes, will be revised for clarity. Sections 705.20.0, Postage Due Weight Averaging Program, and 705.24.0, Scan Based Payment, will be relocated to section 604 as sections 604.11.0 and 604.12.0, respectively.

Section 608, Postal Information and Resources, will be revised. Specifically, section 705.25.0, Alaska Bypass Service, will be relocated under section 608.2.0, Domestic Mail, as sub-section 608.2.6.

Additionally, Quick Service Guide (QSG) 604d has been updated with new DMM information.