EAS Privately-Owned Vehicle Program

The EAS Privately-Owned Vehicle Program is now available for eligible supervisors and Postmasters who use their privately-owned vehicle to perform street supervision, travel between Post Offices™, or perform certain other work-related tasks. The Program is strictly voluntary; no employee is required to participate.

Employees who participate in the Program will receive two important benefits. Participating employees will be reimbursed through eTravel for the added expense (up to $1,000 per year) of adding a commercial or business-use policy or rider to their existing car-insurance policies. Employees will also be reimbursed for their actual mileage.

Not all employees are eligible to participate. Eligibility is currently limited to two job categories: (1) Field EAS who regularly perform street supervision, and (2) Postmasters and supervisors who must drive to or between Post Offices. Employees within one of these two categories must also satisfy four other prerequisites: the employee must (a) meet Postal Service™ criteria for driving positions, (b) possess a valid driver’s license, (c) own a vehicle fit for the expected driving, and (d) possess an insurance policy for his or her privately-owned vehicle. Finally, participation is only for EAS employees who serve an identifiable business need.

Employees who meet these criteria may be enrolled in the Program beginning on June 1, 2015. Employees and managers who want to know more about the Program should consult Management Instruction FM-640-2015-1. For questions not answered in the Management Instruction, employees and managers should contact Ashlea Meyer at 202-268-7256.