Procedures for Handling Unsold Migratory Bird (Duck) Stamps

In March 2011, Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures, was revised to allow unsold (off-sale) Migratory Bird stamps (Duck stamps) to be retained in the unit reserve accountability until their next scheduled return of nonsaleable stock. Only philatelic segments are authorized to maintain inventories of prior-year Migratory Bird stamps for sale to collectors. There is no longer a special destruction cycle for these stamps.

Policy requires Postal Retail Units (PRUs) to return off-sale Migratory Bird stamps to the unit reserve stock by April 30 of each year. PRUs which currently have a supply of 2014–2015 stamps on hand should ensure they are returned to their unit reserve so they are not sold in error. During the regularly scheduled destruction periods, PRUs will prepare and return Migratory Bird stamps to Stamp Fulfillment Services along with all other off-sale items. Revenue and Field Accounting will no longer send an annual reminder of this policy.