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eBuy2 Yearly Purchases of 5-Gallon Bottled Drinking Water Services from Nestle and DS Waters for Fiscal Year 2016

All sites purchasing yearly 5-gallon bottled water service from Nestle, marketed as Arrowhead, Calistoga, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Poland Spring, or Zephyrhills, or from DS Waters, marketed as Alhambra, Belmont, Crystal Springs, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Sierra Springs, or Sparkletts, are required to reorder yearly via eBuy2 “on-catalog.”

These sites are also requested to process their requisitions for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 after October 1, 2015. All requisitions should be processed and approved prior to October 15, 2015, to avoid a lapse in service. Processing of requisitions is required during this period because the supplier needs to have your FY 2016 on-catalog requisition in the eBuy2 system in order to invoice your FEDSTRIP.

This service is not for “emergency,” national disaster-type bottled water purchases. For all emergency bottled water requirements, please refer to Material Logistics Bulletin (MLB) MLB-CO-07-001 —

Note: Some sites cannot receive service directly from Nestle or DS Waters. These sites are authorized to purchase “off-catalog” as long as Nestle or DS Waters have stated that they will not service those specific locations. Locations wishing to renew bottled water service for FY 2016 should note the following to help ensure smooth service throughout next year:

n When submitting orders on eBuy2, estimate how much product your office will need for all of FY 2016 (October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016).

n All orders must match the Area for which they belong; eBuy2 orders with items for mixed Areas will be cancelled.

n Coolers and/or dispenser rentals must be entered for the entire year (12 months).

n Customers ordering cups should estimate and request enough for the entire fiscal year.

n For DS Waters customers only — For every bottle of water ordered, there must be an equal bottle deposit quantity ordered.

Consult the following MLBs for more bottled drinking water information, including step-by-step ordering instructions:

n MLB-CO-07-009 — Nestle:

n MLB-CO-07-010 — DS Waters:

If you have any questions, contact Sijo Sunny at 214-819-7118 or via email at