Military — APO⁄FPO⁄DPO Returning Absentee Ballots

Military personnel with APO⁄FPO⁄DPO addresses can now return absentee ballots via Priority Mail Express® using Label 11-DOD. “Waiver of Signature” and “Guaranteed by End of Day” endorsements are printed on the label, so ballots sent with it are delivered on the day they arrive at the destination Post Office.

Label 11-DOD

Label 11-DOD

n The Military Postal Service distributes the labels overseas and pays for the postage.

n The Priority Mail Express ballot label is only for absentee ballots mailed from Military Post Offices overseas.

n The label may be used on any size ballot envelope. It always goes in the upper right corner.

n Voters can keep part of the tracking label and use the tracking number to track their ballots.

n At the ISC, absentee ballots receive special handling including accelerated sortation, special tray identification, and priority transportation.

n Overseas U.S. military and civilian citizens will be returning their absentee ballots either via the Military⁄Diplomatic Postal Service (APO⁄FPO⁄DPO) or via the international mail system.

n The ballots will arrive by international transportation at one of the Postal Service’s gateway offices for Customs clearance and initial processing at select designated offices (ISC⁄P&DC).

n At these facilities, the mail is processed by postal automation equipment in an initial domestic primary sort for distribution throughout the United States.