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Reminder: Fiscal Year 2016 Bank Secrecy Act⁄Anti-Money Laundering Training

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Bank Secrecy Act⁄Anti-Money Laundering (BSA⁄AML) mandatory training course is available online through the Learning Management System (LMS). All postal employees who sell United States Postal Service® financial instruments (postal money orders, Sure Money, and gift cards), and those who supervise them, must complete “2016 BSA Compliance Training — What You Need to Know,” course number 10024702.

This course is approved as one of the FY 2016 mandatory strategic training initiatives. The field budget allocation included work hours for this course because it falls in the legal or compliance training category. This is a reminder that the mandatory BSA training must be completed by August 31, 2016.


To combat money laundering in the United States, Congress enacted a series of laws collectively known as the Bank Secrecy Act. The Postal Service™, as a seller of money orders, is specifically named in the Act and must comply with all of the requirements of the law. One of the requirements under the Act is to report suspicious transactions involving Postal Service financial instruments.

This training focuses on the latest information regarding anti-money laundering policies, procedures, and suspicious activity trends.

Training Methods

The preferred method for taking the course is online through the LMS Learning Portal. Employees who work at offices with a very slow Internet connection may take the course via a CD.

If you are unable to complete the web-based version of the course through the Learning Portal because of a low bandwidth connection, contact your local Learning Development and Diversity staff for a copy of the CD. You can also order a training CD directly through the Topeka Material Distribution Center (MDC) or eBuy2, under the supplier Digital Impressions, using NSN # 6910170007918. Document the completion of training via the CD in the After the Fact Portal. Do not book into the web-based course described below if using the CD version.

Instructions for Training Completion: Bargaining Unit and EAS Non-Exempt Employees

All employees associated with occupational codes required to take this training will see this course automatically populate in their LMS Learning Portal screens.

To find the course, follow these basic steps:

1. Log into the LMS. Under “Essential Links” on the Blue home page, click Learning Management System. Use ACE ID and Password. Click the Learning Portal icon.

2. Navigate to the “Messages and Notes” section, then:

a. Click the Mandatory Courses tab. You will see the course “2016 BSA Compliance Training — What you Need to Know,” course number 10024702.

b. Click the course. The course information populates on the right.

3. Click Book this Course.

4. Once the course is booked, click Start Now.

5. Once the course is completed, your training history automatically lists this training as completed.

Instructions for Training Completion: EAS-Exempt Employees

1. Log into the LMS. Under “Essential Links” on the Blue home page, click Learning Management System. Use ACE ID and Password.

2. Click the Learning Portal icon.

3. Enter the course number, 10024702, into the Search Term box on the left. Click Find.

4. The course information automatically populates on the right.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Book This Course.

6. Wait for a confirmation screen confirming your enrollment.

7. Click Start Now to begin the course.

Web-based Training

1. After completing the web-based training, click Log Off.

2. Wait for the Learning Portal to refresh.

3. Once the course description page refreshes, you will see a note at the top of the course information page that reads “You have already completed and passed this course.” The course is no longer listed under “My Training Activities.”

4. The course is now listed within the section “Completed Courses.”

CD Version — For Offices with Low Connectivity

Follow these steps to receive course credit after the course content has been completed:

1. Launch the After the Fact Portal.

2. In the “Course Type Name” field, enter course number “10024702” or “2016 BSA Compliance Training.” Click Find.

3. Click the gray square on the left of the course name to ensure it is highlighted.

4. Click Add.

5. Click Create Roster.

6. Enter “Start Date” and “End Date.”

7. Click Next. Click Find Participant.

8. In “Participant Search,” use the drop-down menu to choose “Personnel Number (EID).” Enter EID. Click Find.

9. Click the gray box, “Add Course Participant.“

10. Change the “Pass” column from Not Rated to Course Passed. Click Submit.

11. The course is added to your training record.

LMS Issues

If you have problems with the LMS, contact your local Learning Development and Diversity (formerly Postal Employee Development Center) staff.


Employees do not need access to the BSA system to take the “Suspicious Transaction” training course. Do not request access to the BSA system through eAccess to enroll in the training course.