Exhibit 512.22 Interview Sheet and Checklist and Post-Offer Checklist

APPLICANT NAME: __________________________________________________ REQUISITION⁄NB #:____________________




Application Review:
Discuss⁄Verify during Interview

Interview Notes

Work Setting and Job Content

n Similar work content

n Similar work environment

n Similar level of supervision

n Safety requirements

n Applicant expectations of job

n Applicant expectations of environment




n Time and attendance

n Task and assignment completion

n Admission of errors⁄mistakes

n Responsibility for money⁄property

n Performance of job in safe manner

n “Doing what it takes to get the job done”




n Changes in work schedules

n Changes in work load or priorities

n Changes in supervision or staffing

n Changes in working conditions




n Working with others in sequenced tasks (i.e., work proceeds from one person to another)

n Working with others on shared tasks

n Assisting customers or coworkers

n Conflicts with coworkers, superiors,
subordinates, or customers




n Taking direction from different supervisors

n Using verbal or written instructions to complete work

n Transmitting information verbally

n Communicating with the public in-person or via telephone



Customer Service

n Responding to customer requests in-person or via telephone

n Dealing with dissatisfied customers or
inappropriate behavior

n Directing customers to the appropriate source for their needs



Selective Service (Males only)

Signed Up Yes No

Reason –

Work History

Discussed Yes No


Photo ID match to PS Form 2591

Yes No


Valid Driver’s License

Yes No