Information Security

Cyber Safety is Our Goal — Complete the Training for Your Role

The Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) released a new, role-based CyberSafe at USPS™ training series ( in the Learning Management System and requires all Business System Owners (BSOs) and their delegates with an active ACE ID to enroll. This training will help BSOs ensure their applications are compliant with security policies, accept the risks and liabilities for information resources in the network, and understand the importance of building security and resiliency.

The BSO course is a one-hour web-based training program broken down into four 15-minute parts. Here is an overview of each of the four parts:

n Cyber Landscape (Course #10026229): Facilitates an understanding of cybersecurity threats to USPS® information and systems, and emphasizes the importance of building security and resiliency into the Postal Service™ Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

n Data, Data Security, and Data Auditing (Course #100262228): Provides guidelines and information to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information processed by USPS applications.

n Operations Management and Risk (Course #10026227): Teaches how to implement protection requirements for assigned information resources through effective security, control, and continuity and recovery operations activities.

n System Resiliency and Disaster Recovery (Course #10026201): Demonstrates how effective recovery planning can help to identify and mitigate threats.

All identified users are required to complete all four parts of the mandatory training series by March 31, 2017, to receive full learning credit. Courses incomplete by these deadlines will result in limited ACE system access until course completion. Note: These courses are an annual requirement and must be completed each fiscal year.

Your responsibilities for enhanced security should always be a priority. CyberSafe at USPS offers additional instructional resources online at for staying secure at work and at home. USPS employees, customers, and suppliers seeking guidance on information security are also encouraged to visit the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website at To report information security incidents, email