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Learn How to Secure PCI Data

The Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) introduced a series of online training courses to help employees working in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) environment to secure employee, supplier, and customer data.

Employees working in the PCI environment or handling PCI information are required to take a combination of the following courses by July 18, 2017, depending on their role and system access. The following users will be auto-enrolled in the courses they are required to complete:

n Any employee who performs credit/debit card transactions at any time, including retail associates/window clerks, Postmasters, and Postmaster relief must take Protecting Payment Card Information: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility (LMS Course #10026255).

n Clerks and supervisors who process credit/debit card transactions must take Protecting Payment Information: Back Office Training (LMS Course #10026254).

n PCI application developers must complete Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 (LMS Course #10026251).

n PCI system, network, and database administrators must take PCI Administrator Security Awareness (LMS Course #10026252).

Employees working in the PCI environment will receive an auto-enrollment notification via eAccess. The courses are now available, and employees can log into the Learning Management System (LMS) to complete them.

Note: Users who don’t complete the course by the deadline date will have their PCI system access suspended until the courses are completed.

To learn more about protecting PCI data, check out the CyberSafe at USPS™ PCI security training page ( To get more general information about information security training courses, visit