Order Your 2017 Stamps by Mail Year-Round Brochures Today

Stamps by Mail® is an excellent way to increase retail revenue and reduce your wait time in line. We encourage locations that want to promote convenience and increase revenue to order the newly designed Stamps by Mail (SBM) brochure. There is no additional charge to customers for this service and shipping and handling is free when the customer makes a purchase.

We’ve also updated the year-round version. Do you have Commemorative Forever® stamps that you need to sell to reduce your accountability? We have added a new line just for a random commemorative stamp sheet. We have also updated the costs to reflect the price changes.

Customers will find the following product options and ordering information in the SBM brochure:

n Forever stamp rolls,

n Forever stamp booklets of 20,

n Forever stamp booklets of 10,

n Random Forever Commemorative sheets,

n Postcard rate stamp sheets,

n Additional ounce rate stamp sheets, and

n Global Forever stamp sheets.

Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering Information

The FY 2017 ordering and print cycle cut-off dates are as follows:


Brochure Version


Cut-off Date

Print Run Cut-off Date

Delivery Date

















The cost per unit of 500 is $12.50. This cost includes overprinting the address of the fulfillment office placing the order. The Cyril-Scott Company must receive your order by mail on or before close of business the day of the Print Run Cut-off Date listed in the table. If the Cyril-Scott Company receives your order after the Print Run Cut-off Date, the company will process your order for the next print run date.

Use eBuy2 to order SBM brochures. Supply Management must receive your eBuy2 order on or before the eBuy2 Cut-off Date* listed in the table and your eBuy2 must be approved on or before the published Print Run Cut-off Date listed in the table to be included in that run.

SBM Brochure Ordering Instructions Through eBuy2

To order:

n Login to the eBuy2 system.

n Enter application.

n Hit search button (binoculars)

n Browse by supplier:

n Cyril-Scott or item #SBM-Year.

n Add quantity.

n Add item:

n Pop-up will require all fields, except address line 2.

n Do NOT include PO Box numbers in the address lines — all orders with PO Box numbers will be rejected.

n Save custom information.

n Card will display all the information entered.

n Finish request.

n Complete requisition.

n Complete justification.

n Verify “Ship to” and “Bill to” information.

n Finish order request.

n Verify approver.

n Submit request for approval.

*Note: The eBuy2 cut-off date is the last date you can place your order, but you still have until the print run cut-off date to get your eBuy2 order approved.