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Check Out the New Outlook Reporting Button

Outlook just got an exciting upgrade — you can nowReport to Cybersafe button report suspicious emails with the click of a button! All USPS® employees with Microsoft Outlook have access to the new “Report to CyberSafe” button. This button is now the required method for reporting potential phishing emails. To use it, simply look for the image (shown right) on your Outlook toolbar.

Follow these steps to report potential phishing emails:

1. Select the suspicious email in your inbox (you can select multiple messages) and click the “Report to CyberSafe” button on the Outlook toolbar. If the email is already open, the button will appear in the email toolbar as well.

2. After clicking the “Report to CyberSafe” button, a pop-up window will appear which allows you to provide optional comments.

3. Once you report the suspicious email, you will receive a notification confirming the report was sent. The suspicious email will be automatically deleted from your inbox.

When using Outlook or other email accounts, you must be vigilant in identifying phishing emails that may compromise USPS networks and systems. Follow these tips to protect yourself from potential cyber threats:

n Assess the email sender. Check the name and email address before opening any attachments or clicking on any links. If you aren’t sure if your colleague or friend sent you that email, give them a call.

n Review the email text. Spelling and grammatical errors may indicate a potential scam. Generic salutations may also be a warning sign.

n Pause before reacting. Think carefully before responding to emails that require “immediate action” or request personal information.

n Check web addresses. Hover over URLs (do not click) to determine if the web address matches the hyperlinked text. If the link looks suspicious, the email may be a phishing attempt.

Next time you encounter a suspicious message, report it to the CyberSecurity Operations Center (CSOC) using the new button on the Outlook toolbar. For more cybersecurity tips, visit the CyberSafe at USPS® websites on Blue ( and LiteBlue (, or the public-facing website at