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Why Employee Engagement?

The U.S. Postal Service® continues to make employee engagement a top priority because of its commitment to employees and an improved customer experience. As Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer Megan Brennan states, “Only through taking care of our employees can we truly take care of our customers, and ultimately, grow our business.”

Managers and supervisors who practice employee engagement ensure their work teams thrive in the workplace through:

n Engaging employees with meaningful conversations,

n Building relationships where employee expectations are clear, and

n Letting everyone know they are valued.

Employees who are more engaged provide better customer service, have better attendance, and are prone to fewer accidents. Postal Pulse® survey participation helps the Postal Service™ benchmark the depth of engagement in work groups and provide a summary of opportunities that can help all employees thrive in the workplace.

The next Postal Pulse survey period is May 22–June 22, 2018. Encourage your team members to fill out the Postal Pulse survey. Postal Service leadership will use employee feedback from this survey to further improve USPS® workplaces. Employees may take the Postal Pulse survey the following ways:

n Bargaining employees: Work and home mailings, Outlook email, or LiteBlue.

n PCES/EAS employees: Outlook email or LiteBlue.

Employee feedback is very important to the Postal Service. That’s why this next survey features the comment box that you requested on the last survey. Return your survey by June 22 — your opinion counts.

If you have questions about the Postal Pulse survey or its confidentiality requirements, please contact the Engagement team by sending an email to or by calling 844-303-6424.