Information Security

Required CyberSafe Courses for Employees: Deadline Extended to October 7, 2018

The Corporate Information Security Office has extended the deadline for all employees to complete the required CyberSafe courses for the USPS® annual cybersecurity training. The extension offers more time to those affected by Hurricane Florence or engaged in recovery efforts, as well as those experiencing difficulty with HERO, the integrated human resources system that replaces the USPS Learning Management System.

The extended completion deadline is October 7, 2018. Employees who don’t meet this deadline are subject to limited Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) system access until the courses are completed.

Please log into HERO to complete the following courses:

n CyberSafe Fundamentals Part I and Part II. For all employees with active ACE IDs and active directory (email) access. This series provides employees with the fundamental skills and knowledge to apply cybersecurity policy to help protect USPS information assets.

n CyberSafe 201: Data Protection. For all employees with active ACE IDs who interact with sensitive information. This course provides employees with best practices for handling sensitive and sensitive-enhanced information to keep USPS information assets secure.