Online Refunds Consumer Enhancements

On October 17, 2018, the Postal Service™ enhanced the Online Refunds application to improve the user experience. The enhancements include the following changes:

n The application now allows consumers to submit up to five tracking numbers per refund request at Separate each tracking number by:

n A comma,

n A semicolon, or

n By pressing “Enter” after each submission.

n Before submitting a refund request, consumers are required to confirm that the address on their® account is the mailing address for their refund check.

n After a refund request is submitted, the system will display a Confirmation page.

n Via email, consumers receive status reports of requests (with the corresponding tracking numbers); consumers may also view request details in the history section of the application.

In addition to these Online Refunds application improvements, consumers can file refund requests online for domestic Priority Mail Express® (PME) service failures and the following applicable Extra Services without waiting in line at a Post Office™:

n Certified Mail® (excludes Certified Mail Restricted Delivery).

n Return Receipt® and Return Receipt Electronic.

n Signature Confirmation™ (excludes Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery).

n USPS Tracking® (USPS Marketing Mail™ parcels only).

For more information about the Online Refunds application, visit or contact