Information Security

New Year, New Passwords

CyberSafe at USPS® encourages users to make a new resolution to set strong passphrases (a unique and memorable set of words used as a password) when a password is about to expire.

Strong and unique passphrases are the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Cybercriminals can use an easily-guessed password to break into Postal Service™ networks and systems, and gain access to sensitive information.

Choose a meaningful phrase, incorporate special characters in your passphrase, and use the maximum number of characters possible (e.g., H@ppyN3wY3*r20!9). To keep accounts secure, do not duplicate passwords across accounts or use example passwords such as the one shown above.

After upgrading your current password into a strong passphrase, never share it or your login ID with others, including other employees. Access to USPS® information and systems is tailored to each employee — sharing login IDs and passwords could compromise Postal Service networks and our reputation.

Users are responsible for all actions performed on USPS information resources under their login ID, including any unauthorized actions. As you set your New Year’s resolutions, resolve to use strong and unique passphrases this year, while never sharing login IDs or information.

For more information about cybersecurity best practices, visit the CyberSafe at USPS websites on Blue ( and LiteBlue ( cyber), or the external website at