Battery and Light Bulb Recycling Update

As used batteries and lamps may be considered regulated waste, recycle these items instead of throwing them in the trash. Use the recycling services available in eBuy2 to order mail-back containers or arrange for bulk pick-up service by Cleanlites Recycling.

Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Beiro-Réveillé

Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Beiro-Réveillé demonstrates one method of recycling batteries under the new contract with Cleanlites Recycling.

Used Batteries

Manage most batteries as Universal Waste, with some exceptions. The Postal Service™ uses many different battery types and sizes, such as:

n Lithium,

n Lithium-ion,

n Nickel-cadmium, and

n Lead-acid.

Lithium-ion batteries from handheld scanners and other portable electronic devices are the most common regulated batteries generated by the Postal Service.

Used Lamps

Manage mercury lamps and other lamps containing hazardous materials as Universal Waste. Common regulated lamps include, but are not limited to, 8- and 4-foot fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Recycle by Mail

Order the appropriate Cleanlites “LampMaster” recycling container through eBuy2 for recycling used batteries and lamps. Use this container for storage and mailing. Do not send used batteries or lamps through the mail to the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center, Tampa/Ybor City Learning and Distribution Center, or the Topeka Material Distribution Center (MDC).

The Topeka MDC still accepts electronics and equipment containing batteries. Follow the instructions for alternate carrier service when shipping regulated batteries as these cannot be shipped through USPS®.

Recycle Using Bulk Pick-up Service

USPS facilities with large quantities of used batteries and lamps must make arrangements for bulk pick-up service through Cleanlites Recycling, which is available in eBuy2.

For more information, click the following links:

n Contact your support team at

n View the Material Logistics Bulletin for Universal Waste mailback at

n View the Material Logistics Bulletin for onsite Universal Waste pick-up contracts at