Management Instructions

Management Instruction EL-510-2019-6: Annual Leave Sharing Program

Effective September 12, 2019, the Postal Service™ published Management Instruction (MI) EL-510-2019-6, Annual Leave Sharing Program, to update eligibility requirements for career or transitional Postal Service employees to receive donated leave. Per MI EL-510-2019-6, employees are now eligible for donated leave to care for a child born to or placed for adoption with them within a 12-month period before taking leave. MI EL-510-2019-6 replaces MI EL-510-2003-2 (formerly posted on the web).

MI EL-510-2019-6 is available on the Postal Service PolicyNet website:

n Go to

n In the left-hand column under “Essential Links,” click PolicyNet.

n Go to the right-hand side under “Published Forms and Directives.”

n Click Management Instructions.

The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is