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Self-development is Available to All Employees


Did you know one of your most valuable benefits is provided to you at no cost?

Self-development training provides all employees the opportunity to:

n Learn something new,

n Grow personally,

n Enhance current skillsets, and

n Prepare for professional certifications.

Over 3,200 courses are currently available to choose from, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced proficiency levels.

All self-development training courses are voluntary and accessible off-the-clock by logging on to HERO through the Blue page or from LiteBlue on your personal device or computer. Take your time, there’s no course limit. The HERO course catalog has been restructured to allow employees the opportunity to build skills around their individual interest for personal growth and development.

Additional guidance is available on Blue ( and LiteBlue ( Start today!

Self-development Frequently Asked Questions

What is self-development?

Self-development is voluntary, off-the-clock training which an employee chooses to take in order to meet self-determined goals or personal objectives. Self-development is not directly related to the employee’s current job or definite future assignment, and is separate from any mandatory or assigned training.

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What are the benefits of self-development?

Self-development provides all USPS® employees the opportunity to learn something new, grow personally and enhance current skillsets, or prepare for professional certifications for free.

What type of self-development courses are available?

There are over 3,200 self-development courses in HERO, which include categories such as leadership, project management, legal compliance, information technology skills, mobile devices and computer skills, finance and accounting, professional effectiveness, and human resources.

Who can access self-development courses?

All employees can access this no-cost benefit through the Learning portal in HERO.

How do I access self-development courses?

Most employees can access self-development courses any time off-the-clock by logging into HERO through LiteBlue on their personal device or computer. Those who have the ability to view or impact another employee’s training records (through elevated access) can access self-development courses in HERO through Blue outside of their regular work hours and with advance approval, if Postal Service™ resources are used.