Safety and Wellness

Peak Safety for Peak Season

As peak holiday season progresses, the United States Postal Service® continues taking action to keep employees, especially our newest employees, safe. Historically, the accident rate increases during the month of December. As package volumes increase, the risk of musculoskeletal injuries caused by lifting, pulling, and pushing also increases. Additionally, motor vehicle accidents occur more frequently as a result of inclement weather, holiday traffic, distraction, and inexperienced drivers.

To help ensure success, the Postal Service™ will promote safe work practices starting with new employee orientation. Management and safety ambassadors will make themselves available to:

n Answer questions and observe work practices,

n Share information about how to work safely, and

n Serve as mentors to new employees as well as the existing workforce.

Daily stand up talks and other safety resources are also available:

n Safety Toolkit:

n Safety Talks:

n Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention:

n Driver Safety:

n Lifting:

n Safety Depends on Me videos:

In addition to delivering holiday packages, the Postal Service works hard to ensure employees get home safely to their families every day.