Political Mail

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Political Mail includes Political Campaign Mail and Political Message Mail, which is mail sent for any public election by registered political candidates, campaign committees, political parties, or other organizations engaged in issue advocacy or voter mobilization. Political Mail should always be marked with red Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing.


In preparation for higher Political Campaign Mail volume for the election cycle this year, the following actions must take place at every postal facility:

n Ensure the correct use of Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing.

n Ensure Postal Service employees know that they must always promptly and efficiently process and deliver Political Mail. Mail entry personnel must ensure that all qualifying mail is documented as Political Mail.

Key Messages

Millions will use the mail to campaign and vote for their chosen candidate this year. It’s also important to note:

n U.S. Mail services are an important part of the U.S. election process. The Postal Service considers the dependable and timely delivery of Political Mail intended to better inform voters essential to the success of the political mailing season.

n The best campaign is a multi-channel campaign. For candidates, Political Campaign Mail can help them reach constituents directly.

n Mail can reach 100 percent of targeted voters.

n Mail prompts action, often through other channels.

n Mail has been tested and is proven effective.

For more information, visit usps.com/business/political-mail.htm.

Political Mail Tools

Political Mail grew 58 percent from 2014 to 2018. Use these resources to prepare for continued growth in 2020:

n The Political Mail website (see deliverthewin.com) provides information on key contacts and other valuable resources, and serves as an online platform to promote direct mail through the following materials:

n Educational articles,

n White papers,

n Case studies, and

n Videos.

n Connections to digital content, such as augmented reality, emphasize the link between digital and hard copy content as a means to extend and increase the effectiveness of political messaging. Augmented reality mailpieces promote campaign messages in a way that engages voters.

n Postal Service webinars highlight key political industry topics.

n The Postal Service has sponsorship agreements with the American Association of Political Consultants and Campaigns and Elections to help promote the use of mail early and often in the political arena. Activities include:

n Attending events and co-sponsored webinars,

n Advertising and white paper development and placement, and

n Direct meetings with political operatives.

Tag 57

Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, is a red container tag used to identify Political Mail while it’s in the mailstream. Tag 57 can be used in the following ways:

n In a Political Campaign Mailing by a registered political candidate, campaign committee, and committee of a political party; or

n In a Political Message Mailing by a PAC, super-PAC, or other organization engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

According to the Postal Operations Manual, a registered political candidate or party is defined as an individual or organization recognized by a government election control authority (national, state, or local).

Tag 57

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