Information Security

Parental Controls: Children’s Internet Safety

From an early age, our children have access to a variety of Internet-connected devices used to educate and entertain. However, with great accessibility and little internet safety knowledge, children can be exposed to a variety of threats and inappropriate content.

Setting controls and access restrictions on your home network and devices can deter online attackers and scammers from infecting your network and negatively influencing young kids and teenagers.

Some strategies to protect your children that you can use in your own home include:

n Stay active. Monitor your children’s online activity, including interactive video games with chatting capability.

n Make sure security software is updated. Ensure all security software is up-to-date for home, work, and personal devices. Sometimes updates can be done by simply shutting the device down and restarting.

n Do not be afraid to ask questions. Stay engaged with your children. Ask questions about what they are doing online and with whom they are communicating. Make them feel comfortable about coming to an adult if something strange happens online.

As always, USPS-issued devices must never be used by children or other family members for any reason. This applies not only during the COVID-19 pandemic — when you may be working remotely — but at all times.

For more information about cybersecurity best practices, visit the CyberSafe at USPS® websites on Blue ( and LiteBlue (