Track the Business Benefits of Sustainability with GITT

Thanks to enhancements in the Green Initiative Tracking Tool (GITT), managers now have real-time visibility to key sustainability performance metrics at the national, area, district, and facility levels (see By April of this year, recycling revenue and expenses for energy, vehicle fuel, water, landfill waste, and consumable materials had an impact of over 700 million dollars on Postal Service™ operations.

At the facility-level, Postal Service employees have an easy opportunity to reduce waste at little or no cost — it just requires setting clear targets and mobilizing people to conserve resources as part of their normal routine.

The enhanced GITT is of particular interest to Finance managers, Continuous Improvement Teams (see, and Lean Green Teams (see who are on the front lines. This is not tree-hugging, but good business practices.

For example, you can rank districts in your area by comparing how they manage recycling revenue and control trash costs. Similarly, you can find out how your facility energy expenditures have been affected by efficiency improvements in your operations. The key message is: Think big, but act locally to drive down waste.

For instructions on how to access and use GITT or to find sample reports and online tutorials, visit For more information about GITT, contact our experts at Headquarters or in the field at