Identity and Access Management Improves Resources for the Workforce, Partners,
and Consumers

Strengthen. Protect. Improve. These are just a few of the terms that could be used to describe the CISO Identity and Access Management (IAM) portfolio, formerly known as Digital Integration (see

This portfolio, led by Heather Dyer (see, serves as the identity, access, and authentication organization for USPS®. IAM seeks opportunities to streamline and improve access management processes for employees and identity verification for customers.

Impacting USPS internal lifecycle management products, IAM provides access to technology resources for the entire workforce through eAccess, while building its replacement — called ARIS, the technology access platform of the future. Additionally, IAM is strengthening the way workforce members access their tools, while protecting our most vital assets with the Privileged Access Management program.

IAM’s Identity Verification Services (IVS) directly impact USPS online offerings. Through online proofing, IAM secures our customer’s identity, and their actions, for USPS products like Informed Delivery®, Hold Mail, and Operation Santa™.

Finally, the IAM team develops secure, innovative identity services. Through the expansion of our partnership with the FBI fingerprinting program and In-Person Proofing opportunities with other government agencies, IAM generates new revenue for USPS. Current IVS innovations include strengthening our biometrics, and online and in-person proofing products.

Moving forward, IAM will continue to modernize existing legacy systems, strengthen identity access management solutions, and revolutionize our customer onboarding.

You can help IAM protect USPS using the following tips:

n Keep it secure. Do not share ACE ID login or password information. Do not connect to someone else‘s login ID, password, or any other personal identity credential.

n Keep personal information professional and limited. Since your personal data is extremely valuable to both cybercriminals and advertisers, think twice about with whom you share it.

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