Used Battery Disposal

Used batteries are a common waste stream for the United States Postal Service®. Employees must use proper recycling procedures when discarding used batteries. Most depleted batteries, including lithium-ion batteries used in Mobile Delivery Devices and other types of scanners, contain hazardous components and must not be thrown in the trash. Instead, used batteries must be managed as universal waste and recycled through Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (Cleanlites), the Postal Service universal waste management service supplier.

Cleanlites offers both mailback recycling containers and direct pick-up services in eBuy+:

1. Mailback Services. Waste batteries must only be shipped via FedEx, using the appropriate Cleanlites “LampMaster” recycling kits.

2. Direct Pick-Up Services. Sites with large quantities of universal waste batteries can schedule a direct pick-up.

Important: Do not send waste batteries through the mail to the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center, Ybor City Processing and Distribution Center, Tampa Logistics and Distribution Center, or the Topeka Material Distribution Center (MDC)*. The internal battery mailback programs were cancelled due to USPS® mailing restrictions and safety concerns. For more information about recycling used batteries, see the most recent Material Logistics Bulletin: .

* The Topeka MDC can accept batteries only when contained in equipment sent for electronics recycling (e.g., intact computer or cell phone with battery inside).

For more information, visit the Office of Sustainability Battery Recycling website at To find environmental points of contact, including the regional managers and supporting environmental field specialists, visit