Handbook AS-709 Revision: Purchase Card Local Buying Policies and Procedures

Effective February 2021, the Postal Service™ revised Handbook AS-709, Purchase Card Local Buying Policies and Procedures, Chapters 1–4, to update policies and procedures governing the use of purchase cards. Additionally, sections were revised for clarity, and Chapter 5 content was revised to become part of Chapter 4. For details on the changes made, see the “Summary of Changes” at the beginning of Handbook AS-709.

Revised Handbook AS-709 is now available on the PolicyNet website:

n Go to blue.usps.gov.

n In the left-hand column under “Essential Links,” click PolicyNet.

n Go to the right-hand side under “Published Forms and Directives.”

n Click Handbooks.

The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is blue.usps.gov/cpim.