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Compliance Reminder: Refrigerant Management

When released, refrigerants can harm the environment. Refrigerant-containing equipment at Postal Service™ sites must be managed in accordance with Postal Service and regulatory requirements. Potential equipment includes:

n Chillers,

n Air conditioners,

n Fire suppression systems,

n Drinking fountains,

n Refrigerators, and

n Freezers.

Requirements apply to both Postal Service employees and contractors performing maintenance on USPS® equipment, as well as training, handling, recordkeeping, and disposal.

Refrigerant Management Requirements

n Never vent or otherwise release any refrigerants into the atmosphere for any reason.

n Maintain required documentation:

n An inventory of refrigerant-containing equipment at the site.

n Records of system maintenance, service, and repair, particularly those documenting refrigerant addition or removal. Sites must obtain and maintain records from contractors who service refrigerant-containing equipment. Contractor records need to show the work that was done, not just contractor hours on site.

n Individual service logs and annual leak rate calculations for systems containing more than 50 pounds of refrigerants.

n Training records.

n Investigate refrigerant leaks and repair leaking equipment.

n Complete required training and obtain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) technician certification, if applicable:

n Employees that maintain, service, or repair refrigerant-containing equipment must be certified.

n Employees that purchase refrigerants may require certification.

n Manage refrigerant storage cylinders properly:

n Store in a centralized, secure location that is restricted to authorized employees.

n Purchase and use cylinders that are certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute and Underwriters Laboratories.

n Clearly label refrigerant cylinders to identify their contents.

n Document each cylinder purchase.

n Dispose of refrigerants, refrigerant-containing equipment, and cylinders properly:

n Refrigerant equipment. Evacuate refrigerants and tag equipment as empty. Use a local waste management or scrap vendor for disposal and keep disposal records.

n Refrigerants/Refrigerant-containing cylinders. Recycle waste refrigerants using a local, EPA-approved reclaimer. Keep records of off-site shipments. Never send refrigerants for disposal and never mix refrigerant types in the same cylinder.

n Empty refrigerant cylinders. Label as “Empty” and recycle with other steel recyclables at local steel recycling center. Never reuse non-refillable cylinders.

For more information, consult your designated USPS environmental contact at or review the following documents:

n Refrigerant Management Environmental Compliance Bulletin at

n National Refrigerant Management Policies and NSProcedures Maintenance Management Order (MMO-056-20) at