Information Security

Report Information Security Incidents Right Away

An information security incident is any event that could expose USPS® information resources to loss or harm. These events may present themselves through phishing emails, suspicious activity on your device, or lost and stolen equipment.

Similar to a house fire, an information security incident may start out small but can rapidly spread if not quickly addressed. Do not try to fix the problem yourself as you can potentially make the situation worse or cause the incident to spiral out of control. Stay calm and report it using the appropriate Information Technology resources:

n Stolen or lost device. To report a lost or stolen device, please visit the Service Catalog at Fill out and submit a “Lost or Stolen Device” form.

n Suspicious email. Evaluate the email and do not open any attachment or links embedded in the

message. To report it, select the suspicious email and click the “Report to CyberSafe” button on your Outlook toolbar.

n Other information security incidents. Email the Cybersecurity Operations Center at, briefly describe the incident, and provide more information, if requested.

It is our shared responsibility to keep USPS networks and information safe, and you are the best defense against cyberattacks. To help Postal Service™ employees identify and report phishing scams, CyberSafe at USPS® now sends mock phishing emails to USPS email accounts — watch out for and report any suspicious emails!

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