Information Security

ARIS Update: More Digital Resources Now Available on the Platform

Access Registration and Identity Services (ARIS) now offers even more digital resources to ACE users at

In fact, an additional 23 applications/registrations were recently added to the platform, including Customer Label Distribution System, Enterprise Content Management, and Full-Service Handheld Mail Verification (see

Those applications/registrations join more than two dozen others — including ACE Web Conferencing Zoom meeting scheduler and eTravel — that have migrated to ARIS since last October.

ARIS will eventually replace eAccess, which was launched 23 years ago and uses legacy technology that is costly to maintain. ARIS features a user-friendly interface and commercial off-the-shelf software that is easier to update and secure.

USPS® will continue to shift applications/registrations to ARIS through 2024 until everything is transitioned from eAccess.

ARIS is part of the Postal Service’s overarching Zero Trust strategy to further protect the organization against evolving cyberthreats (see

If you have questions about the platform, scroll to the bottom of the page at and click on the link to submit an ARIS Customer Service Form.

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