Small Business Engagement

Employee Engagement Lead Generation Programs Get an Upgrade

Effective October 1, 2022, all employees will have the ability to enter their own leads and receive feedback on their submitted leads by accessing their own individual lead status report. Employees will now have more insight into the progress of their leads as they move through the sales process.

Use your 8-digit Employee Identification Number (EIN) to access the employee lead entry site. By using your EIN, the system will prepopulate many of the mandatory fields, while reducing the need to supply your program, duty station, and employee information.

Employees can access their individual lead status report through the following options:

n ACE users can enter a lead by clicking the “Submit a Lead” link on the main Blue page under “Featured Topics,” by clicking the “Submit a Lead” link in the Frontline Supervisor’s Toolkit, or by using the “Enter a Lead” option on the “Connecting with Customers” Blue page.

n Employees can also access the “Submit a Lead” link through the USPS® LiteBlue page under the Resources tab.

n C360 users can enter a lead by using the “Submit a Lead” link on the platform.

n City carriers with access to a Mobile Delivery Device (MDD) can enter leads while on street mode under option U.

n Employees will still have the option to submit a paper lead card to their postmasters and managers or supervisors, Customer Services, for input into the lead entry site available in the Business Connect (BC) portal or on the “Connecting with Customers” Blue page.

n Managers can also pull the office or individual lead status reports when requested through the BC portal.

BC users will still enter individual and group activities; however, when an activity requires sales assistance or results in a sold customer activity on USPS services, BC users must now enter leads through the lead entry site.

In these cases, BC users must also select the “High Priority” button during the lead entry process and provide the products discussed and the current customer outcome in the comments field, so that Sales can follow up and verify the revenue. This ensures that 100 percent of Employee Engagement Program revenue is recorded by Sales.

Additionally, BC users can receive credit for leads entered outside their ZIP Code™, which provides offices with more flexibility for locating new revenue.